Otherwise known as electronic grade (EGS or EG-Si), semiconductor grade silicon is a highly purified version of metallurgical-grade silicon exhibiting extremely low impurities required by microelectronic devices and related electronic applications.

Semiconductor-grade is the base material used for growing single-crystal silicon when it comes to manufacturing silicon wafers where the impurity levels are described in the ppba rather than ppma. The extra steps required to create monocrystalline ingots in order to achieve such high purity is an expensive process and therefore this material is reserved for use in IC components.

At Silrec, we supply semiconductor grade silicon from a variety of sources; from flawed ingots and wafers, to poly chunks and pieces, we offer our clients an affordable solution through sorting of such materials which would alternatively be disposed of into landfills. Repurposing semiconductor grade silicon in such a manner allows Silrec to be a competitive alternative for many of today’s tech industries looking for a cost effective advantage.

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