Polished silicon is an excellent substrate for imaging. A highly doped silicon ingot slice, or section, is processed as a substrate in laser mirror or optical applications. It is the main component of a laser optic in which a curved mirror substrate is finished with highly reflective coatings. Curved mirror substrates can be finished as plano-convex/concave.

Uncoated silicon substrates with plane surfaces are finely polished optics when used as mirrors, and are most commonly used in laser resonators. However, for transmission use cases, both sides of the substrate become polished.

Silrec is able provide a wide variety of silicon mirror substrates. We can have silicon ingot sections cut and polished to our customers’ exacting specs, or provide slices or slugs of ingots for them to process themselves. Providing already cut silicon ingot sections, slices, or slugs is a cost-effective alternative to having the entire silicon ingot produced from scratch.

silicon mirror substrate finished to spec     Silicon miror substrate

silicon mirror substrate     silicon mirror substrate

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